Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fishy, Four Fishy…

Beautifully Eyed Fish. Perfect Fish. Energetic Fish. Flexible Fish. Friendly Fish. Shy Fish. Happy Fish. Silly Fish. Nervous Fish. Swimming Fish. Drowning Fish. Even a Naughty Fish…Meet the HepCat Fish.

Lucas: our oldest Fish (6 years old)…a.k.a Lu-Lu, Lukie Dukie, Lucas Pucas Poo-Poo Face.

Luke Skywalker, as his swim instructors call him, is quite the handsomely hazel-eyed Fish. In his “school,” there are two instructors and one other female fish. They often remind Luke to “use the FORCE”. Galaxy Fish. He is quite the stud and is very aware of his sole competition…he refuses to be defeated by the Lady Fish…even if it requires a couple of seconds of interrupted swimming to jog through the H2O to insure victory. Stud Fish. According to him, his least favorite thing about swim lessons is the frog kick and the butterfly kick. His favorite thing is doing the backstroke, BUT, it is “really hard.” Challenged Fish. He also enjoys treading water (except when his BIG little sister’s class passed by him…he politely says, “Hi, Lex”. She says “Hi, Luke” and puckers her lips at him). “She messed me up, Mom!” Thus, resulting in the Lady Fish treading longer. Embarrassed Fish.

Alexis: our second-oldest Fish (5 years old)…a.k.a. Lexi-Loo, Lexi-Pexi.

Lexi is quite the beautifully brown-eyed Fish. In her “school,” there are three instructors and five fish. She absolutely loves water…always has and pretty sure she always will. Fearless Fish. Lex is developing into a real swimmer…still needing minimal assistance. She loves to ignore the cue to ice cream scoop and kick…she simply plugs her nose, swimming under water with a variance of the frog kick and regular kick. Unique Fish. According to her, her least favorite thing is when they have to get in and out and sit on the edge of the pool. Cold Fish. She really enjoys playing games and when she gets to be a lifeguard and save her teacher with “the red thing”. Baywatch Fish.

Lyndsey: our second-youngest Fishy (3 years old)…a.k.a. Lynds, Lyn-Lyn.

Lynds is quite the uniquely greenish eyed Fishy. In her “school,“ there are three instructors and three fish. Prior to her lessons, Lynds was VERY timid around the H2O, merely tabbing in it here and there….digging her nails into whoever was holding her or stopping their circulation from her grip. Scared Fishy. She most definitely get the most improved award. Bribery (popsicles) weren’t necessary after Day Two…instead, “I love my teacher, Mommy….I had so much fun in swim lessons today.” Accomplished Fishy. According to her, her least favorite part was “Rowan….he throwed (sic) up” :/ (Swim lessons came to an abrupt stop that day). Smart Fishy. Lynds really enjoys sticking her head all the way in the water to get the rings, bobbing, “burping lots”, and kicking big. Content Fishy.

Tucker: our baby Fishy (10 months)…a.k.a. Tuck Tuck, T-Man, The Tank.

Tucker is quite the perfectly blue-eyed Fishy. In his “school,” there are two instructors, three baby fish, and three Mama Fish. He is the only one out of all the sibling fish mentioned to get Mama Fish in a swimsuit for a class. Spoiled-Rotten Fishy. He is on cloud nine when he is in the water. He loves to impress one of the Lady Fishy by multi-tasking with babble, splashing, and smiles. Flirty Fishy. According to Tuck and Mama Fish, he least likes wearing his hat…he says he wants the aforementioned Lady Fishy to see his baby blues. He has her hook line and sinker. He is about half her age, but double her size. Da’ Man Fishy. His favorite part of class has already been mentioned, but also to include: bubbles, splashing, floating, and motorboat. Glowing Fishy.


megan said...

glad you are back

Leslie said...

Oh I LOVE this post. I didn't realize that all of your little fishies have different color eyes.

And how lucky are they to have such a great student-to-teacher ratio in their swim lessons! Emma has 5 or 6 kids in her class and one instructor. Sometimes I wonder if I should even be bothering.

Click Clan said...

Glad to see all the fish's are having FUN!

rabidrunner said...

That was spectacular!

Cheap Silagra said...

Wow lovely blog and cool pictures.